Ramlall Partners LLC


Investor Relations and Board of Director Experience

Developed and implemented strategies to successfully rebuild investor confidence and increase shareholder value for two companies coming out of bankruptcy. He also spearheaded both NYSE and NASDAQ listing processes to successful conclusion and increased institutional ownership of RCN stock from 74% to 100% and sell-side analyst coverage from zero to 10 in less than a year. At PTGi he successfully grew a retail investor base from 2,000 a month to approximately 80,000-140,000 a month. At INAP he successfully helped re-launch the company’s rebrand with a closing ceremony on August 30, 2017 and again in November 2018 following the company’s acquisition of SingleHop.

Provided IR & other advisory services such as: Evaluating IPO strategy options; Negotiating and Evaluating Listing Exchanges; Initiating and Evaluating RFPs; Stock Surveillance; Creating an IR Plan and Preparing Corporate Policies for various companies in the IT, Telecom, Cable, Consumer, Equipment, Internet, Emerging Technologies and Solar Energy arenas and acting as a Senior Adviser/Interim IRO as companies determine their requirements for full time services.

Additionally RPL has Board of Director/Advisor experience working in both Private and Public (NASDAQ & NYSE) companies as well as non-Profits. Expertise in Governance, Compensation, Finance & Audit Committees.


Social Media

Ramlall Partners is a leader in developing, recommending and/or executing social media campaigns for public companies that are compliant with both the SEC’s Reg FD and NLRB Guidelines. He most recently executed this for INAP Corporation (INAP), has done this previously for Primus telecommunications (PTGi), RCN Cable (RCNi), Livewire Mobile (LVWR), Evolving Systems (EVOL) and Concurrent Computer Corporation (CCUR). Successfully used these social media programs as part of an M&A strategy to raise competitive awareness and interest from potential retail and other investors, customers, competitors and possible acquirers. At PTGi, Ramlall established a significant new retail investor presence, through these Reg. FD AND NLRB compliant social media channels.


Public Relations/Marketing

Created and led proactive media outreach program, generating more than 1,000 news interviews & inquiries (including New York Times, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Business News, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Chicago Sun Times, Barron’s and Washington Post). Expert in developing and executing social media investor, marketing & customer acquisition strategy and programs compliant with SEC’s Reg. FD. And NLRB guidelines; negotiating and executing corporate partnerships and sponsorships; and creating and managing corporate giving programs. Headed up RCN’s international marketing and domestic sponsorship program which saw an ROI based on new subscribers added on to its customer base.


Cable TV Programming

Richard Ramlall has negotiated more than 30 programming cable network deals, including NBC, ABC, Fox, and all major sports deals in RCN markets and in his last year saved $12 million in costs. He designed, negotiated coincident pricing, marketing and equipment agreements funded by international networks to create RCN Global Passport with 500 international viewing choices and 89 channels serving 15 language groups, surpassing cable/telcom/satellite offerings.


Corporate Development/Financial Expertise

C-level business turnaround expertise and experience working with board chairman/CEOs at two Washington Post 200 companies to execute and communicate transformational corporate strategy that successfully divested under-performing non-core business units in Europe, Asia and North/South America; led due diligence and M&A for successful sales of Primus Australia ($200m), Canadian Data Center ($200m) and North America ($129m); transformed the balance sheet by taking advantage of the window to reduce very high-interest loans; and led listings on both NASDAQ and NYSE to attract more long-term investors. In total, has completed more than 10 acquisitions and/or divestitures while at RCN/PTGi. VC experience at Spencer Trask in recommending and placing in excess of $40 million in seed money to fund several services and technology focused companies, and directly assisted these companies in raising an additional $200 million in financing. At Bechtel Telecom, he prepared/worked with partners to execute on the strategy and business plan to create largest telecom engineering and construction company worldwide, growing revenues from approximately $200 million to more than $2 billion.

RPL was placed as Acting CFO for Kika Enterprises, including leading M&A analysis and activity as well as successfully sourcing PO/AR financing and equity investments to allow the Company to grow.

In his most recently concluded assignment at INAP, Mr. Ramlall reported directly to the CEO. This is yet another turnaround and Mr. Ramlall had been involved in:
-Refinancing of the Company's Debt
-Equity Raise
-Acquisition of SingleHop
-Adding additional sell-side research analysts
-Initiating and participating in multiple NDRs
-Strategic Initiatives


External Affairs

At both RCN and PTGi, Ramlall was responsible for regulatory processes/approvals in the U.S. and globally to ensure local and national compliance, including adherence to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act., reviewing more than 30 deals in one year alone. At RCN, he led unified lobbying, PR & IR communication efforts with local, state regulatory officials & FCC, FTC, DOJ, House and Senate officials that garnered coalition support from other industry competitors and resulted in favorable pro-RCN conditions being imposed by FCC, including a waiver on set top boxes that resulted in $50 million in savings and allowing effective completion of the company’s conversion to an all-digital network in all markets. Responsible for managing regulatory approval process for European, Australian, Canadian, US and Brazilian deals.